Friday, April 20, 2012

5th Grand Alumni Homecoming Schedule of Activities, Committees

Schedule of Activities

Day 1 (May 11, 2012 a.m., Friday)

4:00   Diana
6:00   Mass at the Cathedral
7:00   Parade (Route: Plaza-Dagocdoc-Telaje-JPENHS Campus)

8:00   Opening Program 
(Venue: JPENHS Covered Court)

  Doxology and  Pambansang Awit. . .   c/o Mr. Michael M. Rivelleza
  Singing of Alumni Hymn. . .  c/o Mr. Constancio A. Polinar, Class ‘70
 Opening Remarks. . .   Engr. Al P. Geli, Class ‘70      Alumni Association President
  Words of Welcome. . .   Mrs. Imelda C. Falcon      JPENHS Principal
  Intermission. . .    c/o JPENHS
  Message. . .    Hon. Alexander Ty Pimentel      City Mayor
  Recognition of faculty, staff       and retired teachers. . .   Mr. Andres Yparraguirre, Class ‘70                               
Tribute (song). . .   DPWH Boys                               
Introduction of Guest Speaker. . . Mrs. Marcelinita R. Pareja, Class ‘75                               
Keynote Speech. . .   Hon. Johnny Ty Pimentel            Provincial Governor                               
Intermission. . .    c/o JPENHS                               
Close Remarks. . .   Engr. Eleunesto E. Dumagan, Class ‘76
Emcee:  Mrs. Tessie F. Anino, Class ‘82

11:00 School Campus Visitations
12:00  Lunch at JPENHS Campus. . .   c/o Alumni Class Coordinators 1966-2011 
      (food for JPENHS faculty and staff will be  sponsored by host Classes)

1:00 p.m. General Assembly. . .  All Alumni 
 Agenda : Treasurer’s Financial Report
Change of Association Name,       
Status of Alumni Project
Election of Officers)

2:00 p.m. Election of Officers…  2 representatives per Class

7:00 p.m. Fellowship at Gymnasium (Cocktail Food & Semi-Formal Attire)

  Prayer. . .    Video presentation 
Opening Remarks. . .   Engr. Agustin R. Estal, Class ‘78      VP-Internal Affairs  
Presentation of Guests,  Alumni and Jubilarians…  Mr. Constancio A. Polinar, Class ‘71
Intermission. . .    Live Band
Presentation of Candidates for Instant King and Queen. . .  Ms. Fe Enaldo-Lagumbay, Class ‘85
  Intermission. . .    Live Band
  Induction of new set of officers - Alumni Association. . .  Engr. Romeo S. Momo Class ‘69
Undersecretary, DPWH 
Announcement of Winners for King and Queen ‘12 
Farewell Walk. . .    
Entrance of Entourage
* 4th runner-up
* 3rd runner-up
* 2nd runner-up
* 1st runner-up 
Pinning of sashes, offering of bouquets,leis, giving of trophies. . .  respective Classes
* Alumni King and Queen Crowning of the King. . .  Mrs. Roxanne C. Pimentel, Class ‘76 
Crowning of the Queen. . .  Hon. Alexander Ty Pimentel      City Mayor 
Pinning of sash, bequethal  of scepter. . .    outgoing Alumni King and Queen  
Offering of bouquet  to Queen, offering of lei to King, giving of trophies to King and Queen. . .     respective Classes
Dinner and Disco
Emcee:  c/o JPENHS

Day 2 (May 12, Saturday)

5:00 a.m. Fun run (reg. fee: P20.00) . . . c/o Mr. Dario Toral, Class 79             Mr. Rodrigo Paganpan, Class ‘72  
(Route: Boulevard, Plaza, Dagocdoc, Boulevard)  
Hataw at the Boulevard. . . c/o Mr. Manolo Junipero P. Serra, Class ‘87       
Painit for a fee at P50.00. . . c/o Engr. Agustin R. Estal, Class ‘78         
8:00 a.m. Blood Donation & FBS Taking. . c/o Mrs. Roxanne C. Pimentel, Class ‘76  
Venue: Gymnasium

6:00 p.m. Fellowship (Costume Party by Class)
P r o g r a m m e
       Prayer. . .     Power point presentation       
Opening Remarks . . .    Dr. Zeny Gambe, Class 2000      
Intermission  . . .    c/o JPENHS          
Words of Thanks . . .    Engr. Al P. Geli, Class ‘70             Alumni Association President       
Releasing of sky lanterns . . .   c/o Mrs. Marcelinita R. Pareja
Socials . . . Socials . . . Socials . . . Socials . . . Socials . . . Socials . . .
Emcee:  Ms. Ethel Cantor

Working Committees

Program and Invitation   
Chairman  - Dr. Benjamen C. Quiñonez   
Co-Chairman  - Mrs. Violeta Q. Grefalde   
Members  - Class Coordinators

c/o Mr. Reynaldo G. Selades

 FBS Team  
 Chairman  - Mrs. Roxanne C. Pimentel   
Co-Chairman  - Dr. Antonietta Orozco   
Members  - Mrs. Alconsita Portillano       
Mr. Manolo Junipero P. Serra

 Finance/Fund Generation   
Chairman  - Mrs. Wenifreda G. Perez   
Co-Chairman  - Engr. Al P. Geli   
Members  - Engr. Jaime Uriarte       
Mrs. Cheryl B. Uriarte       
Mrs. Leoly T. Bantugan       
Engr. Eleunesto E. Dumagan       
Engr. Agustin R. Estal

Chairman  - Mrs. Emily O. Calotes   
Co-Chairman  - Mrs. Amabelle T. Corvera   
Members  - Mrs. Cheryl C. Dime       
Ms. Melissa Torrico - Ebuña

Chairman  - Mrs. Carmelita T. Basnig   
Co-Chairman  - PNP Alumni   
Members  - Karancho Alumni

Stage Decoration   
c/o Jacinto P. Elpa National School- Host Batch (Gymnasium)

Search for Alumni King and Queen 
c/o Mr. Marlon L. Balansag

Coronation Paraphernalia  
c/o Mrs. Ethyl G. Mozar

Mass and Diana   
c/o Mrs. Violeta Q. Grefalde and Sr. Miraflor E. Ramos, MSM

Utilities (CR)    
c/o Mr. Rodrigo Y. Paganpan

Hall Preparation   
Engr. Agustin R. Estal, Class ‘78

Chairman  - Mr. Bernardo Urbiztondo   
Co-Chairman  - Engr. Eleunesto E. Dumagan   
Member  - Mr. Alvin Perez       

Chairman  - Mr. Romeo Balansag   
Co-Chairman  - Mr. Nicolas Quezada   
Members  - Miss Florence Abis       
Mr. Lolong Hayahay       

Chairman  - Dr. Benjamen C. Quiñonez         
Co-Chairman  - Mrs. Violeta Q. Grefalde         
Members  - Dr. Zeny Gambe             
Host Classes              

c/o PNP Alumni              

Promotion and Publicity         
Chairman  - Engr. Ramil A. Sanchez        
Co-Chairman  - Mrs. Nerissa M. Espinoza         
Members  - Engr. Sarah P. Estrada             
Mr. Ferdinand G. Denso              

Welcome Reception   
c/o Host Classes              

Chairman  - Engr. Noel C. Cuartero        
 Co-Chairman  - Miss Florence Abis         
Members  - Mrs. Nerissa M. Espinoza             
Mr. Jose Felino P. Patrimonio             
Mr. Joy Gaurano             
Mr. Ramon R. Morales              

Chairman  - Engr. Al P. Geli         
Members  - Committee Chairmen             
Alumni Officers             
Class Coordinators             
Alumni Coordinator

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

From the Alumni President: Design of T Shirt and Price Quotation for reference

T-shirt Brand: GRANDSLER
Tshirt color: White (all t-shirt with batch year print at the back)
Small & Medium : P 165.00
Large: P 175.00
XL: P 185.00
XX: P 195.00
Colored Tshirts: Yellow, Red, Emerald Green, Purple, Blue
Small & Medium : P 180.00
Large: P 190.00
XL: P 200.00
XX: P 210.00
Tshirt Brand: CROWN
Tshirt color: White (all tshirt with batch year print at the back)
Small & Medium : P 150.00
Large: P 160.00
XL: P 170.00
XX: P 180.00
Colored Tshirts: Yellow, Red, Emerald Green, Purple, Blue
Small & Medium : P 160.00
Large: P 170.00
XL: P 180.00
XX: P 190.00

Number of colors of t-shirt design: 4 (yellow, red, white and black)
50% down payment for each batch. Cut-off date of orders will be on April 20, 2012
Contact person: Emmanuel F. Vasquez
Cell: 09994884751

An invitation from the Alumni President

MEMO NO. 01-2012
March 27, 2012

FROM    : Alumni President

A pleasant day to all fellow alumni, wherever you may be.

The program of activities for our 5th Grand Alumni Homecoming on May 11-12, 2012 had already been finalized after 4 weeks of brainstorming, and will be available in our website within the week. So watch out for it and pass it on to your batchmates for information and guidance.

We encourage you to reach out to all your batchmates especially those who have not been with us on previous homecoming,  to attend on this very important gathering of our fleeting lives. The event becomes even more meaningful and nostalgic seeing friends and schoolmates even for this 2 festive days of the 3-year homecoming cycle.

There will be lots of games during the beach venue activities as well as ‘Fun Run’ and ‘Painit for a Cause’ to be held at Tandag Boulevard. But of course the heightened emotions and nostalgic deja vu could not be achieved without the back to back to back music of 3 alternating bands to ‘morning the night’.

So please be there as we guarantee you of the most festive  grand alumni homecoming ever!


            (Sgd.) AL P. GELI