Friday, April 20, 2012

5th Grand Alumni Homecoming Schedule of Activities, Committees

Schedule of Activities

Day 1 (May 11, 2012 a.m., Friday)

4:00   Diana
6:00   Mass at the Cathedral
7:00   Parade (Route: Plaza-Dagocdoc-Telaje-JPENHS Campus)

8:00   Opening Program 
(Venue: JPENHS Covered Court)

  Doxology and  Pambansang Awit. . .   c/o Mr. Michael M. Rivelleza
  Singing of Alumni Hymn. . .  c/o Mr. Constancio A. Polinar, Class ‘70
 Opening Remarks. . .   Engr. Al P. Geli, Class ‘70      Alumni Association President
  Words of Welcome. . .   Mrs. Imelda C. Falcon      JPENHS Principal
  Intermission. . .    c/o JPENHS
  Message. . .    Hon. Alexander Ty Pimentel      City Mayor
  Recognition of faculty, staff       and retired teachers. . .   Mr. Andres Yparraguirre, Class ‘70                               
Tribute (song). . .   DPWH Boys                               
Introduction of Guest Speaker. . . Mrs. Marcelinita R. Pareja, Class ‘75                               
Keynote Speech. . .   Hon. Johnny Ty Pimentel            Provincial Governor                               
Intermission. . .    c/o JPENHS                               
Close Remarks. . .   Engr. Eleunesto E. Dumagan, Class ‘76
Emcee:  Mrs. Tessie F. Anino, Class ‘82

11:00 School Campus Visitations
12:00  Lunch at JPENHS Campus. . .   c/o Alumni Class Coordinators 1966-2011 
      (food for JPENHS faculty and staff will be  sponsored by host Classes)

1:00 p.m. General Assembly. . .  All Alumni 
 Agenda : Treasurer’s Financial Report
Change of Association Name,       
Status of Alumni Project
Election of Officers)

2:00 p.m. Election of Officers…  2 representatives per Class

7:00 p.m. Fellowship at Gymnasium (Cocktail Food & Semi-Formal Attire)

  Prayer. . .    Video presentation 
Opening Remarks. . .   Engr. Agustin R. Estal, Class ‘78      VP-Internal Affairs  
Presentation of Guests,  Alumni and Jubilarians…  Mr. Constancio A. Polinar, Class ‘71
Intermission. . .    Live Band
Presentation of Candidates for Instant King and Queen. . .  Ms. Fe Enaldo-Lagumbay, Class ‘85
  Intermission. . .    Live Band
  Induction of new set of officers - Alumni Association. . .  Engr. Romeo S. Momo Class ‘69
Undersecretary, DPWH 
Announcement of Winners for King and Queen ‘12 
Farewell Walk. . .    
Entrance of Entourage
* 4th runner-up
* 3rd runner-up
* 2nd runner-up
* 1st runner-up 
Pinning of sashes, offering of bouquets,leis, giving of trophies. . .  respective Classes
* Alumni King and Queen Crowning of the King. . .  Mrs. Roxanne C. Pimentel, Class ‘76 
Crowning of the Queen. . .  Hon. Alexander Ty Pimentel      City Mayor 
Pinning of sash, bequethal  of scepter. . .    outgoing Alumni King and Queen  
Offering of bouquet  to Queen, offering of lei to King, giving of trophies to King and Queen. . .     respective Classes
Dinner and Disco
Emcee:  c/o JPENHS

Day 2 (May 12, Saturday)

5:00 a.m. Fun run (reg. fee: P20.00) . . . c/o Mr. Dario Toral, Class 79             Mr. Rodrigo Paganpan, Class ‘72  
(Route: Boulevard, Plaza, Dagocdoc, Boulevard)  
Hataw at the Boulevard. . . c/o Mr. Manolo Junipero P. Serra, Class ‘87       
Painit for a fee at P50.00. . . c/o Engr. Agustin R. Estal, Class ‘78         
8:00 a.m. Blood Donation & FBS Taking. . c/o Mrs. Roxanne C. Pimentel, Class ‘76  
Venue: Gymnasium

6:00 p.m. Fellowship (Costume Party by Class)
P r o g r a m m e
       Prayer. . .     Power point presentation       
Opening Remarks . . .    Dr. Zeny Gambe, Class 2000      
Intermission  . . .    c/o JPENHS          
Words of Thanks . . .    Engr. Al P. Geli, Class ‘70             Alumni Association President       
Releasing of sky lanterns . . .   c/o Mrs. Marcelinita R. Pareja
Socials . . . Socials . . . Socials . . . Socials . . . Socials . . . Socials . . .
Emcee:  Ms. Ethel Cantor

Working Committees

Program and Invitation   
Chairman  - Dr. Benjamen C. Quiñonez   
Co-Chairman  - Mrs. Violeta Q. Grefalde   
Members  - Class Coordinators

c/o Mr. Reynaldo G. Selades

 FBS Team  
 Chairman  - Mrs. Roxanne C. Pimentel   
Co-Chairman  - Dr. Antonietta Orozco   
Members  - Mrs. Alconsita Portillano       
Mr. Manolo Junipero P. Serra

 Finance/Fund Generation   
Chairman  - Mrs. Wenifreda G. Perez   
Co-Chairman  - Engr. Al P. Geli   
Members  - Engr. Jaime Uriarte       
Mrs. Cheryl B. Uriarte       
Mrs. Leoly T. Bantugan       
Engr. Eleunesto E. Dumagan       
Engr. Agustin R. Estal

Chairman  - Mrs. Emily O. Calotes   
Co-Chairman  - Mrs. Amabelle T. Corvera   
Members  - Mrs. Cheryl C. Dime       
Ms. Melissa Torrico - Ebuña

Chairman  - Mrs. Carmelita T. Basnig   
Co-Chairman  - PNP Alumni   
Members  - Karancho Alumni

Stage Decoration   
c/o Jacinto P. Elpa National School- Host Batch (Gymnasium)

Search for Alumni King and Queen 
c/o Mr. Marlon L. Balansag

Coronation Paraphernalia  
c/o Mrs. Ethyl G. Mozar

Mass and Diana   
c/o Mrs. Violeta Q. Grefalde and Sr. Miraflor E. Ramos, MSM

Utilities (CR)    
c/o Mr. Rodrigo Y. Paganpan

Hall Preparation   
Engr. Agustin R. Estal, Class ‘78

Chairman  - Mr. Bernardo Urbiztondo   
Co-Chairman  - Engr. Eleunesto E. Dumagan   
Member  - Mr. Alvin Perez       

Chairman  - Mr. Romeo Balansag   
Co-Chairman  - Mr. Nicolas Quezada   
Members  - Miss Florence Abis       
Mr. Lolong Hayahay       

Chairman  - Dr. Benjamen C. Quiñonez         
Co-Chairman  - Mrs. Violeta Q. Grefalde         
Members  - Dr. Zeny Gambe             
Host Classes              

c/o PNP Alumni              

Promotion and Publicity         
Chairman  - Engr. Ramil A. Sanchez        
Co-Chairman  - Mrs. Nerissa M. Espinoza         
Members  - Engr. Sarah P. Estrada             
Mr. Ferdinand G. Denso              

Welcome Reception   
c/o Host Classes              

Chairman  - Engr. Noel C. Cuartero        
 Co-Chairman  - Miss Florence Abis         
Members  - Mrs. Nerissa M. Espinoza             
Mr. Jose Felino P. Patrimonio             
Mr. Joy Gaurano             
Mr. Ramon R. Morales              

Chairman  - Engr. Al P. Geli         
Members  - Committee Chairmen             
Alumni Officers             
Class Coordinators             
Alumni Coordinator

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